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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best vide of the day "right this minute." the train crossing arms are going down, so pedestrians rush through. >> trying to beat those arms. >> see one woman's close call to end all close calls. >> oh, my gosh! racers get off to a fast start. >> that's what you want, right? >> why it's all good until somebody takes flight. danger at the drive-through with a fire that's -- >> getting bigger and bigger and bigger. >> what happens when a worker
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tries to save the day. >> i wouldn't do that. plus handling knives with safety in mind. >> ah! and crushing cans the old fashioned way. >> boom. >> they not only feed children, they crush cans. there's some rules in life that you should just follow. the rule of not crossing a train track when that arm comes down, good rule to follow. this first video from the netherlands, you're seeing these arms come down across the train track but you see some pedestrians trying to beat those arms and they're casualty walking across this train track. this woman in the dark coat, she begins to duck under to try to continue to cross the tracks. >> oh, my gosh! >> how do you -- >> no! >> god, the stupidity is monumental, it's about as big as that train. how do you not, like, look down the tracks or see that coming?
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it's not even creeping into the station it's full bore. >> hear it. not even hear that coming. netherlands officials release this video to remind people that arm is there for a purpose. luckily in this particular area they are now going to put a tunnel so that oit eait's easie people to cross. >> which is ridiculous. the same thing happened in this particular video. we're looking at dash cam, there's a bmw sitting on some train tracks and the bmw doesn't seem concerned about it. yes, there is a truck stopped in front of the bmw, but now the arms are blocking this car. the driver doesn't seem panicked about this, does inch forward, inch forward, the arm is blocking the car from getting completely off the tracks and there's a truck parked there, so this guy starts honking the horn. the truck moves. but the guy in the bmw still blocked by this arm. watch what the guy from the car with the dash cam does. walks over to the arm, lifting it up, saying come on, dude, get through. >> oh!
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>> wow. >> and just in time! this is an impatient person trying to get wherever he's going, doesn't want to wait for the train. when you are at the drag strip torque, power, and grip, that's what you want, right? hard to believe you could have too much of some of those things. look at that guy on the right. that guy's in a mustang. comes up, up, up and turns into a flying mustang. the thing is off all four wheels and drags his bumper for about 100 feet before slamming back down on the drag strip and bouncing off the wall. the guy was not injured. look at that again from a different angle. very scary. somehow manages to collect that thing and not get himself hurt. this at the south georgia motorsports park. >> home of the flying car. >> home of the flying car. apparently it happens quite a bit there. >> too much traction, too much power. >> too much power, too much traction. that mustang has about 2,000-plus horsepower and that all seems to catch the track all at once pulling him up off the ground.
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>> what was it like inside? >> it was rogue. it came up quick. working good air. >> yeah. yeah, were it was. >> some different styles and classes of dragsters have wheelie bars which will help the car from raising all the way up. >> i think in the history of man kind and i mean men, mankind, this is the first time that some guy thought he had too much power under the hood. ladies and earring-wearing gentlemen, pay attention to this one in china at a subway station. you see surveillance video, some passengers walking down the stairs, but pay close attention to this guy right here in the dark coat. he walks up right behind the woman that's going down the stairs and then all of a sudden you see that he turns back around. he runs away. she runs after him. that is because he just grabbed her earrings, ripped them off and took off. >> i hope they were clip-on.
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>> i hope they were clip-on! >> can you imagine how bad that would hurt if you just ripped your earrings out of your ear holes? >> they were gold earrings and those generally are pierced. the thief apparently an addict with the intention of selling the earrings for cash. but according to reports he was arrested. he's the 47-year-old man and there is an image of him being taken into custody by police officers. now, this other story is also very disgusting. fat and shameful. look at this woman right here, she is in florida. she's got a kid in a car and one in her arms. and then you see her reaching into the car. that's right next to her. which she is grabbing is a cell phone that was left there by a customer that just left the store. they bought their stuff. when they walked out, left the phone. this woman saw it. but what's really disgusting is that she uses her child to conceal this phone. after she takes it out of the
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cart, she puts it between her hand and the baby and then grabs the blanket and then puts that over the phone to conceal it and then she just grabs the cart and she walks away like nothing happened. later the other customer did come back, but, of course, her phone was nowhere to be found at that point. but police did see what happened and they're looking for this woman. if there are two things that canadians love is hockey and tim horton, the popular chain up north, so much so that people love this coffee that they will risk personal bodily harm to get this coffee. four men in the van backing out because there is danger afoot. notice over there, there's some smoke. and as they say, where there's smeeeeehere's fire. and this is not a small fire. this is a dumpster fire. listen to these guys. >> holy [ bleep ]! can you feel the heat off of that? >> it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. eventually you see somebody, an employee with a tray of water, like, that's going to work. no, don't do that.
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we did hear to the toronto fire department, they did respond and they said it was quickly extinguished and mostly paper and cardboard on fire in the bumster am stend on down to australia to logan city. ever see those big trucks carrying, like, all the cars? two levels, double-decker. >> yeah. >> they always make you nervous. when this guy goes to make the right, listen to the guy in this video. >> no, don't do that. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] idiot. >> what are you thinking, dude? >> oh, my new car. >> oh! >> oh, no! >> idiot. >> bone head. >> oh, you bonehead or -- >> [ bleep ]'ing idiot. >> yeah, because that guy really gives it to the driver of this truck here. yeah, damages what looks like a bunch of cars up there. the commentary of the guy filming this is really what is making this stuff go viral. >> [ bleep ] ah stop. [ bleep ] man.
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[ bleep ]'ing idiot. >> at least he's saying what we're all thinking or wishing we could say. >> this could cause structural damage on that bridge. i know bridges can be strong but that's not a good thing to happen to your bridge and there are lots of cars going over that thing up above. >> did you see the sign? the sign is very clear, clearance is 4 1/2 meters and i always wonder if they forget how tall their load is before they drive underneath that. do you even pay attention anymore? >> [ bleep ]'ing idiot. rescuers attempt to catch -- >> a woman falling from a building. >> the makeshift tool that ended up saving her life. and see how an ice skater and black ice come together in -- >> an abandoned mine. such a strange juxtaposition, these rugged rocks and this very delicate performance. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day
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as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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welcome back to the show, everybody and don't forget to check out great videos all darn day long. enjoy. it was a comforter that broke this woman's fall in china. this is in the hubai province and as you can see that is a woman falling from a building. they say she was three to four floors up. police say she had been drinking. they say she was drunk. and here you have police officers and a health care worker with a comforter trying to catch this woman. >> they made, like, a makeshift
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net out of a comforter to try to catch this woman. we're talking a comforter, that's not that big. >> it was not that big and it was not that strong. as you can see, they weren't able to completely break her fall, but she survived. they said after a comprehensive examination, the woman just had skin trauma. >> are you kidding? because it looks like she rips right through that. there don't get drunk and fall through the window, that's the moral of that story. >> however, the moral of this story is don't rob people because it's just wrong. this is in philadelphia police are looking for this guy in a hoodie. he walks into a market and he puts his hand in his pocket and says, i have a gun, give me the money. >> we're thinking he's using the old finger gun technique here, doesn't even have anything. >> we never do see a gun in this video. >> he doesn't do anything at first and finally he makes his attempt. >> guess what, that's when the employee strikes back and starts hitting him. >> the suspect goes around to the door and goes inside and
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then a fight between the two really begins. the employee gets punched and when they fall on the floor the employee picks something up and hits the suspect but sadly the employee is hit again and the suspect grabs the money and gets away. >> imagine they are still looking for this clown and we actually do get a pretty good shot of his face. got a couple of videos for you guys purely for your entertainment. first video from the rocket jump youtube channel. this video appropriately called nice guys. >> ah! >> oh, oh. >> oh! >> what? >> no. no way. i don't know. >> no. >> i think it's possible. we've seen stunts hike this at the circus, i think it's entirely possible. >> it is absolutely fake and the reason why i say that is because of that guy. isn't he, like, a youtube editor specialist on youtube? >> you might recognize these guys. freddie wong, ben waller, clinton j alessandro
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shiasi they are well known on youtube for their special effects video. but these are very well done. >> they are convincing because the knives are really going into the apple making it seem very real. >> yes. >> three, two, one. >> one of the more popular comments down below the video, they're visibly huge nerds and judged by their appearance and scenery anyone who thinks they are masters with a blade instead of video editing needs to pay attention to video. this second video also slightly entertaining. boom! they not only feed children, they crush cans. >> yeah, for sure. >> i love the work-up. she got some momentum going and then dropped the hammer. >> they must be heavy. >> hmm, well, maybe. >> i'm not going to call digital enhancement. >> it makes me hurt to watch.
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this is an abandoned mine and as you can see the floor of this mine is ice. so what are you to do? you partner up with joanna, she is a fantastic speed skater, and you just start skating. >> oh, man. that's awesome. and the ice looks black. >> doesn't it? >> because of the reflections and everything. that's cool. >> not only is it black, you can see the green stuff growing under the water frozen in time so to speak. >> but just one of those videos that captures your imagination. joanna, her dream is to make it to the olympics. she's been skating for about 20 years but it wasn't until vancouver 2010 that she decided to make the olympics a personal goal. ♪
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cruising the scene from up above, a captain catches an incredible dolphin stampede. >> but this isn't the only footage she got. >> a sweet moment when the momma humpback bonds with her baby. three numbers and one rule. >> two four eight. >> you are just doubling. >> yes.
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. we have a segment on this show that our brainiacs love. we call it tech time. kind of encompasses everything tech and science and we depend on zach to help us get smarter. hey, zach. >> hello. >> this is getting a lot of press. >> this is basically a technology to help you read faster, so you are seeing here it starts out at 250 words per
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minute. they are saying they are stopping your eye from moving around, like, regular reading you have to jump between words, but with their process, your eyes are staring straight at the same spot on your screen the entire time so you can read faster. >> let's go 500 words per minute. >> i like the fast one better. >> i do, too. >> they are letting developers use their technology in different ways so hopefully in the future you can have it wherever so that whatever text you want to read you can do it with this. >> all right, now this next video, what are we doing here? is this a math equation? >> i'll have you guys try to solve it on your own. >> i'll give you three numbers, a three number sequence and i have a rule in mind that these three numbers obey and i want you to figure out what the rule is. but the way you can get information is by proposing your own set of three numbers to which i will say, yes, it follows me rule or no, it doesn't, and then you can propose what you think the rule is. here are the three numbers, two, four eight. >> doubles. >> the next numbers would be 16,
9:51 am
32, 64. >> what do you have think? >> multiplied by two. >> that is not my rule. >> five, ten. >> ten and 20. >> follows my rule. >> the ten, 20, 40. also doubling, but it's not doubling. >> that' not the rule. >> you have to be giving numbers th are gng in order from, ke, lest if i said three, one, two. >> that does not follow the rule. >> that doesn't follow rule. it is all numbers going from lowest to highest. >> that was really fast. nice job. >> people take a long time to figure this one out. he said the fastest time was seven minutes. >> i was looking for you guys not to try to confirm what you believe. >> the whole point is to try to disprove. >> it's the scientific method. >> if you think something is true you should try as hard as you can to try to disprove it. if you get a quad copter up in the air and you know how to use it you could possibly get some amazing footage and that's what these two guys did, we start at dana point, california, that's captain dave of captain dave's dolphin and whale
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watching safari and he caught a dolphin stamstampede. this isn't from under the water like normally this is from up above and some amazing footage he caught. he said there were thousands of dolphins in this pod. >> he wants everybody to know that even though there are no rules or laws for quad copters and sea life, he did say he did follow all the rules as they are now. wanted to make sure he didn't interrupt any of these animals. but this isn't the only footage he got. he was also in maui and he got three humpback whales, this has completely changed his perspective. it's just avenue mazing to see this baby humpback snuggling and playing with his mom. beautiful, beautiful footage. >> just as good with a rod and reel as a remote control, right? he's still catching his fish, except this time he's not putting a hook in their mouth. we jump from the waters of the pacific to norway where this guy says, do you know what, every time they separate the reindeer into separate pods for
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grazing, i've always wanted to see an aerial view. now that he has a quad copter, he can. there's a certain ballet, a certain majesty to it. >> it is cool to see. >> it looks like an abilint. ♪ a prankster heads to target to make people think he's an identity thief. >> yeah, i just got the credit card information. >> and people believe it. >> see what happens when he pushes the wrong pin. >> no, no, no!
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what if instagram was invented in the '80s. >> instagram. >> you'd have to have your commodore 64 showing your videos and use older technology to upload it. >> you store and share your pictures on a single desket or cassette. >> and you have to mail it in. >> the form at your local gas
9:56 am
station, you can get this simply fill in the form and put it with your picture roll in an envelope and drop it in the box. >> there are on couple of other steps you'd need to take. >> now comes the fun part, add sepia, monochrome, ocean or blurry. in a couple of weeks you'll receive your pictures in your own mailbox. you can view them instantly on your computer screen, because it comes with free viewing software. >> they take pictures of the same stuff we do. >> the people that created this, they also created our logo. >> imagine what it would look like if we were on the air in the '80s. >> cool. >> i like that. >> i love that. people have even more reason to be hyper aware about their credit card information and people stealing your credit card information after the whole target thing. more than 100 million people had their information stolen. this guy downloaded a scanning sound to his phone. and then hooked up a hard drive and starts walking around.
9:57 am
as people are outside of a target. >> you have a wallet in there, right? >> yeah, i just got the credit card information. >> and people information. >> i want you to erase it. >> why? >> because that should be illegal. >> this woman oddly polite. >> some people might be angry. >> in the back pocket, right? >> yeah, right here. >> get that? >> yeah. >> this gude dude is skeptical first. >> i got your credit card and also the name on it. >>hat do you have? >> it's a new app. >> wha you something's information why would you then immediately tell them? the whole point of hacking is to remain anonymous. people are still kind of believing him. >> no. >> stop scanning me. >> don't move that way, sir. >> this dude here i think the guy is confused. >> stand still. you have a wallet on you with a credit card. this is a new app it gets digital credit card, cool. you don't mind if i use it? >> no, why would you do that? >> he knocks it out of the dude's hands.
9:58 am
this guy might have the best anxious. >> you have something in your back pocket? >> yes, my badge, fbi. >> great answer. >> but the longest exchange. >> we get people's identity. >> really? >> be serious. >> the biggest mistake these people made. >> victor, don't. >> victor, i have -- victor, i have your -- the whole thing. >> keep your eye on victor. >> i already got it victor the whole thing. >> it's a fake, it's a fake! >> now according to the guy, he said he was being assaulted, but i think he might deserve it for doing a prank like this. that's it for us here at "rtm," we'll see you next time, everybody. [son] she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today the very funny mike epps tells wendy about taking on a more serious role in repentancr. plus oscar predictions and the latest juicy hot topics. now here's wendy.

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